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What Is It?

Touch Dial is a straight forward and easy-to-use application designed to dial your favorite contacts quickly and easily without having to look at your phone's screen.

Taking a new and innovative approach to the concept of speed dial, Touch Dial lets the user indicate which of the six configured contacts to dial by touching their iPhone's screen. Want to call the contact configured for slot 3? Simply touch the screen with three fingers.

Touch Dial takes advantage of the standard tools provided by Apple to ensure a consistent user interface for picking your speed dial contacts, with full support for contacts that have multiple phone numbers. Contact information will be synced from the Address Book stored in the iPhone, so your numbers will always be up-to-date.

Upon launching, the application vibrates to alert you that you should touch the screen, then it waits a configurable amount of time (2 seconds by default). When the timer has elapsed, the phone vibrates to indicate you can remove your fingers, and the action that matches the number of fingers that you had touching the screen occurs: Call a contact or show the preferences.

If all the action slots are configured to dial a contact, you may access the preferences screen by using the iPhone's Settings application or by using the preferences screen displayed after a call is made.

Screen Shots:

The Main Screen: Gives basic use instructions, shows the number of fingers touching the screen, and the action that will be taken.

The Preferences Screen: Allows you to set your preferred actions and the length of the dialing delay.