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What Is It?

New in version 3.0:

Easy TimeSheet is an application designed for anyone that needs to track time against projects, track billable hours for clients, or simply needs to fill out a time sheet.

Easy TimeSheet supports both real-time and after-the-fact time tracking, automatically calculating the billable amount for your projects and time entries. At any point you can email the current project data in CSV format (easily saved and opened in Excel or Google Docs) to any email address. Additionally, any timer started will continue to track time for its project even when the application is closed.

Tracking in real-time is done easily using the pause/play buttons on the main screen for each project or on the project detail screen to start a timer for the desired project. By default single timer mode is active, which will automatically pause any active timer when a new timer is started. Optionally, disable this mode to be able to have multiple timers running at once (handy for those conference calls you really don't need to be included in but are anyway).

Tracking time after-the-fact is accomplished from a specific project's detail screen. Use the intuitive controls to adjust the project's elapsed time up or down, or use one of the many rounding options to round the project time to a more convenient amount (default rounding type can be set using the settings screen). Zeroing out the project's elapsed time and clearing its time entries is also supported.

The project detail screen also gives you access to edit and set a name, code, comments, billable rate, and currency for your project (default rate and currency code to be used for new projects can be set in the settings screen).

Easy TimeSheet now tracks your time entries and lets you view them in the new time entries screen. See your time entries at a glance, separated into entries captured using the pause/play buttons or manually created. All time entry values are also included in the project data CSV export.

In the new time entry detail screen that is accessible for any entry in the time entries screen, you can use intuitive controls to easily change the start time or duration (by setting elapsed time or end date) of any time entry. This screen also allows you to set the task you worked on during the time for the entry, and a comment with further information.

Other Features:

Not sure if it will work for you? Try Easy TimeSheet before you buy it with Easy TimeSheet Lite; Also available from the iTunes App Store.

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